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About Us

Chung Do Kwan









About Us

Mick KingMaster Michael King started Taekwondo in 1972 at a club in Harrow under Master F.Lee and gained 1st dan in 1975 2nd dan in 1977 3rd dan in 1980 4th dan in 1985 5th dan in 1995 Master King was graded to 6th Dan in December 2009 and 7thDan in 2017

When Master Lee left to live in America in 1979 Master King took over the role of instructor. At our club all aspects of Taekwondo are taught,the emphasis on the martial art is taught first and the taeguek patterns,as well as the sports side of Taekwondo ,all kicking techniques,as well as self defence. We are from the Chung do kwan which is the oldest and largest of the Kwans ,or schools.